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    SWQL Query Support




      I'm looking to play with my SWQL theory here. My current position has me tweaking and optimizing and customizing Orion results and developing better views and breakdowns, and I am finding myself frustrated with some of the tools.


      Is there a comprehensive guide for SWQL (he asked, bracing for the laughter) and how it works with NPM, or at the very least, does anyone know how tools such as the port monitor can be filtered?


      For example, one of the tweaks I'd like to make is to have the port monitor filter out results from devices whose cumulative available and in use ports are less than, say, 15 total. But I don't know what tags I might use to <> the port usage statistics, since they don't appear in the common filter options.


      New tech for me, looking to get a grip, hoping you guys have some thoughts that will help.