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    Solarwinds not generating traps


      All I am running 10.4.1 NPM and have seen some issues regarding traps being generated from Solarwinds to my (Manager of Managers)MOM


      SolarWindsOrion Core 2012.2.1, IPAM 3.1, NPM 10.4.1, IVIM 1.5.0 © 1995-2012 All Rights Reserved



      I notice that my traps that are configured in the alert manager on occasion are getting stuck at the NPM server and not being forwared out to my MOM.  When I restart Solarwinds it seems to send a flood of old alerts through to my MOM. The system functions properly for a while but then alerts seem to stop again till a restart.  It seems like something is getting hung up in solarwinds and stops itself for forwarding traps to my management console.  I do see events in the solarwinds event view(Current events) show up - just traps and emails stop working.


      Has anyone seen this issue before?