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    Report Customization for Groups with Members



      Management is asking a report which include Server Group name and associated Server Menbers name with current up/down status as well as current resource usage.   I been playing with the templates as well as trying to customize new reports but it does not give me the option to select all the necessary fields.  I would be grateful if some can point me in the right direction, thanks.


      format example:


      Group Name:  Sales                     Status               Current% CPU Usage               Current% Memory Usage               Current Response Time (ms)

                               Server X               Up                          40                                                50                                                  10

                               Server Y               Up                          20                                                30                                                   2

                               Server Z               Up                           55                                                60                                                  4


      Group Name:  Payment               Status               Current% CPU Usage                 Current% Memory Usage               Current Response Time (ms)

                               Server A              UP                            10                                                  12                                                 8

                               Server B               UP                           80                                                  90                                                40