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    UDT Update Ports


      We have hundreds of switches being monitored in UDT.  When they were originally added the access ports were added and the "uplink" ports were not.  We would like to go back and add these ports to be monitored and then actually create alerts on them to help alert on sfp failures.  When going to Device Tracker Discovery, selecting one of these switches, and scanning for ports, it only shows the existing ports being monitored.  For example, a switch with 48 Fast Ethernet ports with 2 gigabit uplink ports shows the 1 - 48 Fast Ethernet ports but does not show the 2 Gigabit ports.  I would like to add these Gigabit ports to be monitored without having to re-add the switch to the npm database.  I am hoping I am missing a step on how to add these ports to existing switches in NPM and UDT.