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    Alert Notification Policy - Only sending to first address




      I have recently installed Alert Central v1.1 to use in place of NotePager Pro, however, we are running into a couple of issues.


      1.) When setting up the "Alert Notification Policy" for a specific user it gives me the option to notify the user in more than one way. Currently, I have it set to notify via SMS text and then notify by email. Unfortunately, it only seems to work for the 1st step and never goes to the 2nd...I have tried swapping them around, which only leads to it then sending to email and never sending the text message.


      2.) The other issue I have noticed is that when alerts are coming in and it is sending the notifications out, it doesn't always send all of the notifications to the users in the group. Sometimes it will send all of them and other times it will only send once.


      Please let me know if there is a work around for these issue(s) or if anyone else in the community is running into the same problems.


      Thanks in advance!