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    Number of Connections per Citrix server


      Hi anyone.

      I have been using Solarwinds for a while without any Advanced features, but now I have a need for help customizing a Citrix monitoring rescource that I can add to a custom webpage.


      I want a rescource that creates a table listing all servers in my Citrix Group lik this: (example names and data)

      Server NameActive sessionsDisconnected sessions


      If possible, I would like some sort of color coding, but I don't know what options are available in a table like this.


      I have little or no knowlege in customizing Solarwinds, and all answers I have found suggests that I have allready created a MIB, UNDP, or other prerequisites, but I need an asnwer that can help me from the start.


      Thank you for your time.