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    Licensing and questions about alert central


      I have been using alert central in my organization for 3 months and i was asked by management to ask the forum about the future of the product.  We realize currently this is a free product as it develops into a bigger product.  Our question is about the future of the product and weer it will remain a stand alone product or will it be integrated into another solarwind product.  Also is the overall plan to remain free, or will it eventually become a paid product?  The reason the questions are being asked is because we want to know this before we got all out and fully depend on the product for all of our on call.  It is not the matter of cost but weather this will be a stand alone product and how far will it be developed?  Currently we love the product, it is missing some key features that have been posted in the feature requests, but overall we are willing to keep on using the product.