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    Getting error - unable to connect using account ...


      We are new to Solarwinds patch manager tool. In our environment, we installed the PAS and 3 automation role servers. We have added the Solarwinds id to the local admin group on all client systems.


      About 1800 client servers are reporting to the patch manager console. Out of these 1800 systems, 330 systems are reporting the WMI Connect as "NO". I picked 1 client system that has the WMI issue, the Computer details on the console reported the following error:

      The following errors were detected or one or more datasources have exceptions:  
      Exception occurred at 9/24/2013 1:44:21 AM: Unable to resolve the MAC address. Message: Retrieved MAC address for IP Address: MAC Address: 00-50-56-9F-29-A1
      ICMP Ping succeeded.
      Unable to retrieve MAC address of Error Code: 0x80004005 Message: GetMACAddress()::Error retrieving MAC address for Error Code: 67
      Unable to connect to target using WMI. Message:
      The RPC server is unavailable
      COM Exception: Error Code: 0x800706BA .
      Unable to connect using account Domain\Id


      I reviewed the article - SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: Troubleshooting "Access Denied" Errors in Patch Manager and followed the below steps to troubleshoot that 1 client system -


      • Verify you can ping the remote computer by name from the Patch Manager server. - YES
      • Verify the account specified in the error is a local administrator on the remote computer. - YES
      • Verify that you can connect to the remote computer's admin$ share with the account specified in the error: - The command completed successfully. I see a mapped drive.
      • Verify that you can make a WMI connection to the remote computer using wbemtest - From the PAS server, I ran the wbemtest and got the following error. "The RPC server is unavailable."


      • I was able to RDP and login to the client system using the Solarwinds id that is added to the local admin group on the client system.


      Not sure what to do next ... Also, how do I troubleshoot 300 systems? Is there anything that I can try on all of them and reduce the numbers to more manageable size where I can get to individual systems?