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    Hundreds of HW sensor alerts, all at the same time and the network object is the sensor.


      We had a flood of hardware sensor alerts last night at 17:03, 546 of them, but each alert didn't detail the network device name, but instead the hardware sensor name.

      Now two things are worrying me, firstly why the alerts are coming through without Node Names, as the network object names are listed as the hardware component names (see below):


      The Advanced Alert is set up to record to NetPerfMon Event Log, with:  ${SensorDisplayName} on ${NodeName} is ${SensorOrionStatusDescription}

      When I look in the Event Log they appear, but why aren't they formatted with their node names in the Alert log

      Is this normal behaviour?


      Secondly is why we received 546 alerts, with the same time stamp (23/09/13 17:03) from our ESX hosts, which apart from these alerts appear to be happy.


      Any ideas?