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    Increasing Disk Space Alert




      I want to setup an alert so that if a hard drive on one of the servers increases 10% or more in 24 hours, does anyone have any idea if this is possible to setup? I had a play around with the alerts but couldn't seem to set it up.


      Thanks in advance,


      Josh Royle

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          Hi Josh,


          There isn't any way (that I'm aware of) to generate an alert based on rate of change.  The best way I've found to handle this is to have a "warning" alert and then a "critical" alert at a higher level, although this still wouldn't achieve your timescale requirement


          This would certainly make a great feature request.



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              might something like this work?

              custom pollers for the statistic as a rate

              transform poller to convert it into a percentage;

              advanced alert to work off the transformed value


              The lowest poll rate is every 10 hours, so at polling every 6 hours this is (very approx) 2.4% (think compound interest)