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    Assigning AppInsight in bulk




      In the admin guide it states that:


      "Adding AppInsight for SQL to a Node

      There are multiple ways to add AppInsight for SQL to a node, via Node Discovery, manually adding it via the Manage Application Monitor Templates screen, adding it via the Management resource, adding it via Network Sonar Discovery, or adding it via a Scheduled Discovery."


      There is no mention of how to use AppInsight in Scan Nodes for Applications, or if it works that way.


      What I am trying to achieve is to assign the AppInsight monitor to 200+ SQL Servers in one go.

      This doesn't seem possible but I may be wrong. I do see that if you list a Node, that you can select AppInsight Applications, however, this doesn't stick after clicking Submit.

      The only way I can start using AppInsight is by assigning it via Manage Application Monitors.


      Could I get some advice on how to accomplish this task I have been given?

      SQL Query to enable AppInsight on all AppInsight discovered nodes maybe?