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    Discovery of SDK Imported Nodes very slow / Node Details are in Database but missing on Web GUI


      Hi Folks,

      I wanted to sum up the Problems I have in 1 Post. I have all threads as links at the end of this post.


      Product Versions are:

      NCM 7.1      NCM 7.2.1

      SDK 1.6

      Orion Core 2013.1.0


      The issue we have:

      - Nodes get discovered very slowly 100 nodes in 4-5 hours

      - Node Details are not shown in the Web-GUI (but they are listed in the Database)


      The following troubleshooting steps have been performed:

      - filled all Node Properties available with values

      - added the following line to the script

           Invoke-SwisVerb $swisv3 Orion.Nodes PollNow @("N:" + $nodeProps["NodeID"])


      The following things did we discover:

      - Non Cisco devices do get discovered the slowest

      - Most of the Time only Cisco Deviced have Node Details shown in the DB, most NON Cisco Devices almost NEVER have Node Details in the Web GUI.

      - When manually opening the Node in the Web GUI and test the SNMP Settings the nodes get discovered.


      What confuses us:

      - Next rediscovery is set to 30 Minutes after Import for ALL Nodes, nevertheless very few nodes are discovered instantly (less than 10) but not all nodes are discovered 30 Minutes after Import

      - When we manually rediscover in "Manage Nodes" the Nodes get discovered rather fast, when we just let them sit and wait in the DB it takes forever.

      - When comparing Nodes in the DB, we do not see any difference in terms of Rows in the Nodes table that are filled or have NULL in it BUT some nodes have the Details Page shown, some do not.


      We need solutions for:

      - Rediscovery needs to work without manual intervention

      - Node Details need to be displayed in the Web-GUI


      Help is appreciated.



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        • Re: Discovery of SDK Imported Nodes very slow / Node Details are in Database but missing on Web GUI

          Hi Holger,


          On the Node Details issue:

          For the “/Orion/Services/AsyncResources.asmx/GetNodeDetails” resource can you see any errors in a browser development tool? (F12 in IE, Ctrl+Shift+i in Chrome)?

          This may tell you whats missing from the resource.


          Also, if you go to the orion install directory:

          C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\LogAdjuster.exe


          Enable Hubble and set it to Debug.


          Refresh the web console.


          Now open the Node Details for a node thats not working in another window. You should see the queries being run by clicking Details in the debug banner that appears.


          For that resource I believe they are SQL queries so you can test them against the database. Substituting the @name for whats in the brackets.

          How do they look?

          Account, Node, resource and views return ok from the db for this?