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    Moving nodes from SNMP to WMI (Windows)


      SAMHi all


      Im looking for a way, possibly by script to move all my windows nodes from SNMP v2 to WMI.  We are currently in the process of upgrading our SAM to 5.5 so we can utilise WMI for the network interface information, then we will be hoping to cut all our windows servers that are monitored over to WMI from SNMP.


      I was hoping that there might be some automated way of doing this rather than manually changing this information on each node.  I had thought that I could probably run a network discovery for these devices but that may cause duplicates which would then mean deleting the old devices


      Any pointers or info would be greatly appreciated



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          I know this is an old post, but I figured I'd chip in here in case anyone stumbles across this while trying to figure out the best method for doing this.  The easiest way in my opinion to do this is to do the following:


          - Go to the Manage Nodes section,

          - Click on the little double right arrows at the top right hand side of the table and select to display Node Name and Polling Method only ( You can select more items, but don't select too many items here because you'll have to scroll over all the time).

          - On the left, use the Group By feature and narrow the nodes down by using Vendor > Windows or whatever other selections that help you get down to just the nodes you want to convert. (If you only have Windows nodes in your environment and no other type of equipment like Routers, Switches, Linux Servers, etc..., then you can just Group By Polling method on the left hand side and click on a category besides WMI)

          - Now sort the table by Polling Method so that all of your ICMP, SNMP, and WMI nodes are grouped together

          - Select all of your Windows nodes currently being polled by SNMP (if you select a mixture of ICMP and SNMP nodes, you won't be able to bulk edit the polling methods)

          - Click Edit Properties

          - Select the check box beside Polling Method

          - Change the method to Windows Servers: WMI and ICMP and put in a credential that will work on all of the selected nodes.

          - Go to the bottom and click Submit

          - A Pop-up box will come up and warn that changing the polling method will cause ALL of the historical data for those nodes to be deleted.  Agree to this and click Continue

          - If the credential doesn't work on some of the nodes, a list of those nodes that failed will pop up.  Take a screen shot of the list or write it down, then click OK

          - All of the selected nodes that the WMI credential DID work on will now be polled via WMI

          - Repeat the above steps if you have any Windows nodes being polled by ICMP.

          - You now need to go and add all of the pollers you will want monitored back in.  The hard way would be to select each node and do List Resources one by one.  A much easier way would be to simply run a discovery on these nodes and add all of the disks and interfaces and such through that.  You may also have to change some of your application monitors if they were using SNMP monitors.


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