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    LEM Email Rule from a single node


      I have been looking through everything and might have missed it. I am trying to setup a Rule that will notify me when 1 node has an event. For example I have it setup to email me when a user account lockout happens. Problem is since both Domain Controllers are being monitored it fires off an email from both of them. Is there any way to specify a node in the Rules or create a rule for a specific node so that I can reduce down the email.


      Thanks for any help on this.

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          Looks like I figured it out. Cloning the default event wasn't the way to go. Creating a new Rule starting with User Disable allowed me to add groups to define it down to the info I wanted.


          My Rule is as follows:


          Group: UserDisable.EventInfo = *Account Lock*

               Group: UserDisable.DestinationMachine = the DC I wanted the info from.


          If anything hopefully this helps someone else out.