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    Email Notifications


      I am trying to set up email notifications for certain things such as High CPU usage, memory usage, etc. I can't seem to get the email to send when this happens, where do I set this up to make this work?

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          You have to go to Advance Alert and create a new alert for High CPU or High Memory for any node.

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            firstly it's necessary to configure SMTP server in Setup - Advanced Setup - SMTP Configuration menu.


            Then each Alert has Notification tab where you can define email address:


            For further info please visit SolarWinds documentation (Alerts - Notifications menu).

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                krishna mishra



                I have created the alert only for email notification and in trigger action page i added the email ids but problem is when alert is generating it generating the alert too, and alert is showing in alert dashboard,


                i want only email notification.

                please suggest for same.

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                    In this case I'd recommend Data Export. You can choose to export:
                    1) static set of VMs (, Hosts, ..): in "Search Results" module choose VMs you want to monitor and press "Export" button

                    2) dynamic set based on Search Query: perform a Search Query and press "Export Results" button

                    Then choose attributes you want to see and run the export. As soon as the report is finished then you can run the report periodically incl. sending results over email (see Schedule reports - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support for further details).


                    You can also create an alert with "Private" permission to hide the alert from displaying for other users.


                    Does one of the solutions fit your needs?

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                  On  On your Orion Web Console

                  - Go to SETTINGS - ALL SETTINGS

                  Then, under ALERTS and REPORTS, select MANAGE ALERTS


                  Find the alert you wish to use.  The search box on the far right can help quickly find the alert you are looking for.  If this is an out-of-the-box alert, select DUPLICATE & EDIT. 

                  Name the alert. Be sure it is enabled and select appropriate values for the rest of the page.

                  Click NEXT. Select what to alert on.  Most likely NODE or Virtual Machine. Note that you may choose certain objects, or all objects.  From the TRIGGER CONDITION drop downs, select NODE and BROWSE ALL FIELDS

                  If you enter what you are looking for in the search window, it can make it easy to find the item you are looking for. In this example, I will select CPU LOAD (Current Statistics)

                  Select appropriate values that you are certain will create a trigger event. Be sure to review CONDITION MUST EXIST FOR MORE THAN XX MINUTES.  CPU, memory and other things may bounce around, and if the trigger is NOT true for the whole timeframe, it will never fire off an email.    Select NEXT

                  Select Reset this alert when trigger is no longer true and click NEXT

                  Select an appropriate TIME OF DAY and click NEXT


                  To fire off an email, you will need to ADD ACTION if no email action exists.  CLICK ADD ACTION

                  Select SEND AN EMAIL/PAGE from the list


                  Fill in the email information.  Have you set up SMTP email information and tested it?  If so, continue on.  Note that you can use default addresses. These will appear in a drop down if you type '$'


                  Click on   2. MESSAGE.  The default message will most likely need tweeked to show the information that you desire.  Edit the message so you can test some variables. Put you cursor wherever you want to insert the variable (after CPU Utilization: in my example) and click INSERT VARIABLE


                  Use the search window to find what you are looking for.  Be sure that you have selected the correct dropdown from SHOW VARIABLES FOR.  Note the output preview.  This can be very helpful to determine which vairable to choose.  BE SURE TO CLICK THE CHECKBOX and select INSERT VARIABLE

                  Your new variable should appear.  You can repeat for as many as you wish to insert. Select HTML for better formatting, and assign an importance. Click NEXT

                  Verify that you are using the default SMTP server and click ADD ACTION

                  Click the SIMULATE lightning both for the newly created email action item

                  Select a Node to test and click SIMULATE

                  You will get a pop up window that returns values for variables. If not what you were expecting, try new variables

                  Repeat the simulation steps, and this time,click EXECUTE

                  An email should be triggered. If your SMTP service is set up (and relaying email), you should see ACTION EXECUTED SUCCESSFULLY.  If not - you need to verify your SMTP server is set up correctly in Solarwinds, and the email server is configured to relay email from solar winds.  Note that you can use a gmail account to test this as well (google GMAIL RELAY SMTP for settings)


                  If you got this far, you should now have an alert that is capable of firing emails!

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                      krishna mishra

                      Thanks you very much for giving the full steps-

                      i were using the same and alert is working fine and teams are getting the email notification, but the problem is when email alert is triggered, on same time in alert console same alert is displaying, i would like don't show same alert in alert console, because we are working on only email alert notification, that's why we created the email notification alert for team,


                      can you suggest us is there any method to hide the alert from alert console for particular group's user (AD group is integrated in solarwinds)


                      thanks in advance.



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                          Have you checked to make sure that there are no NetPerfMon Event Log triggers (as below). These could exist on copies of an alert. I briefly tested some alerts with only an email trigger, and no console alerts were created unless there was a NetPerfMon trigger as well.  Delete the NetPerfMon entry, and test to see if you still get alarms.

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                        Was there a solution to creating email alerts but hiding them from the web alert console? I've already tried opening a ticket with Solarwinds support as well but they told me that acknowledging the alert and then hiding acknowledge alerts is the only option available. That doesn't really work for us as we will like this to be an automatic process.


                        If you have a solution for this, please share,

                        Thank you!

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                          krishna mishra

                          Any one can help us on this scenario, because it is very frustrating and we want to hide the netperfmon event log from alert console.