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    Netflow Detail - Percent Utilization)


      I am looking for clarification on NetFlow Interface Details, specifically the 2 percent utilization numbers.


      First part of the question:

      Looking at the Top 100 Endpoints, the one listed host transferred 19.12% of the data during the given time period.  This is the top number

      Further, the one listed host utilized 2.97% of the available bandwidth during that given time period.  This is the bottom number in parenthesis.

      Am I understanding this correctly?


      Second part of the question:

      I am not understanding the 2.97%.

      If you add up ingress and egress, the sum is 317.2 Gbytes. If I am understanding correctly, this percentage is calculated based upon

      the interface bandwidth; this is configured as 1.0 Gbps for both Receive and Transmit.  See below.

      Shouldn't the utilization be 31.7% instead of 2.97%?