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    Alert questions - Pop ups/Sound?


      Is there a way with Orion that when a event happens (Say an SNMP trap of a link down) that Orion will send pop ups to all users logged into Orion and play a sound?


      Say if the browser is minimized or on another page for example , unless we are looking at the exact alert/trap page we will not know there is a problem.



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          I make use of Trap Receiver running on a server (the one controlling the four large screens in the NOC) to receive a 'trap' from the alert manager and explode it to workstations in the NOC.

          The workstations have the same program running that then fires a local action (in my case I have a WebMail Notifier | Dream Cheeky stuck on top of some monitors, and I blink it different colors using the code here: Dream Cheeky USB Drivers for Webmail Notifier and Stress Button - Home .)

          I'm thinking of connecting a strobe light to a power controller to provide something more visible.

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              How would that work for thousands of customized traps?  We have NOC's around the world that this would need to be applied on.


              Currently we use another SNMP system for trap management and node up/down notification that works well but for Windows only.  Our other NOC's do not run Windows environments so this is a problem.

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                  I use the 'alert' actions Solarwinds Advanced Alert manager to send the trap for significant alerts to this trap receiver


                  SWO Advanced alert custom trap -> trap receiverexploder function ->trap receiver -> LED blinker
                  Solarwinds ServerNOC ControllerNOC workstation


                  If you have something like xMatters then you might be able to use that instead

                  SWO Advanced alert -> xMatters -> Desktop alert


                  I guess you could also do things like:

                  SWO Advanced alert -> twitter-feed, XMPP, etc (there is a HTTP post action there that i have not played around with)

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                Any other ideas.  This should be part of a NMS for alerting. 

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                    I know of no NMS that offers this functionality (HP openview, NAGIOS, etc), they all have some way to interface to your existing notification service, either by running a script (which then send email or fire a message to a pager service)

                    In your case, assuming network connectivity, I would look at installing network-switched PDU  (e.g. AP7901 from APC) and have that turn on strobe lights when there is an unacknowledged alert and not rely on desktop popups at all.


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                    One of the alert actions for received trap rules is to play a sound.

                    The sound file you select to be played will be played on whichever browser has a live session in Orion.

                    What you need in order to get this working is the following:


                    1. a sound file (windows audio)

                    2. confirm that the group or user account settings has sounds enabled in the group/user settings page

                    3. an internet explorer with active x enabled (the windows audio file will be played through an active x control in the browser

                    4. speakers connected to the system with an active Internet Explorer session in Orion


                    The first time the file is played in the browser, and depending on the browser version (only IE supports active x), the user will get an active x prompt.

                    This needs to be accepted and installed in order for the sound to be played.

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                      Any other programs that can be run to do this?  Our other NOC's will NOT run Windows.


                      I am even looking into other platforms that can do this but not finding much - at least what I understand.


                      There has to be software that has better notifications then an email or page.