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    Bandwidth Monitor Incorrectly determines interface speed


      Hello, I'm running a Zyxel Zywall USG50, and am attempting to use it to monitor a few different things. I have essentially 3 interfaces that I would like to monitor.


      eth0, which is our primary internet connection, is running at 1000mbps, but Bandwidth monitor sees it running at 100mbps.

      eth1, which is our backup DSL connection, is running at 100mbps, but Bandwidth Monitor sees it running at 1000mbps.

      eth2, which is the LAN and is connected to our main switch at 1000mbps, but Bancdiwth Monitor sees it running at 10mbps.


      Because of the incorrect negotiation of speeds, it is throwing off all the graphs, especially the LAN graph. I noticed that there are tunnels which it could not determine the speed of, but it allows me to specify the speed of these interfaces to correctly monitor them. But I'm unable to find a way to change the interface speed of the 3 above interfaces so that the graphs are correct. Am I missing something? How do I change the bandwidth monitor to show the correct speeds?


      I've attached an image that shows what I"m seeing. You can see that eth2 shows it as 100% pegged because it's a 1Gb LAN, and only reading at 10Mb.