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    Website suddenly slow.


      We've found that the website is incredibly slow. Hubble showing over 100 second load times for some pages. Making a settings change for a single node takes over a minute to commit. The CPU is a bit high but the total node count is also high on this poller. We've seen the CPU utilization get higher without this amount of impact to the website. SQL server is no problem either and running test reports from report writer completes fairly quickly. SWQL also completes very quickly. Defragmentation is enabled for SQL maintenance. I'm out of ideas as to why the site is so slow in spots. I've opened a case for this but I'm also looking for any other help since this is customer facing and needs to be working properly.


      Case #521236

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          Found out that it was the fragmentation on the database being so high. We had fragmentation on for DB maintenance but it was not completing that step. Did a manual defragmentation and now it's fairly snappy. Still looking into the DB maintenance issue.