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    NPM 10.4.2 - How to get Custom View to Export to pdf & Post to Sharepoint or email me the view in pdf?

    it girl
      I have a custom view that I created (Interface min/max/average bps in/out, Top 10 Apps & Top 10 Conversations for that interface), every Monday I want Orion to run that view and put it in sharepoint as a pdf or email it to me as pdf, how can I do this?  I have around 10 of this that I manually do every week for management by opening up a the url and clicking on the "export to pdf" and posting it to sharepoint but I want this to be automated.
      Attached is 1 view that I would like to run, export to pdf every Monday and post it on sharepoint or send me the email in pdf.

      I looked at report writer, it looks like it only report by numbers, no charts?