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    Multiple interface radial gauges on one page


      Hey there!


      I'm working through a new installation of NPM and I'd like to have a "summary page" for our help desk. I've attached a picture of the view to give you an idea of what I'm looking for. Currently the account named "TSC" is set to have Gi0/1 on our CORP_WAN router as it's Default Network Device. This is restricting the gauges and graphs on this page to that specific interface, but I'd like to have multiple radial gauges on the page that each point to their own specific interface on different devices. As you can see from the second picture I've tried creating some custom UnDP's but for some reason they aren't working in the TSC account's view (bottom left).


      Is there a way to insert radial gauges from multiple interfaces on a single page? If UnDP is the answer, can someone help me through the process of creating one with the ifHighSpeed OID? Apparently I'm doing it wrong So far I have two pollers with OID, Value type=Rate (Unit="Mbit", Time Frame=Second), SNMP Get Type=GET, Polling Type=Interface, Polling Interval=Blank, Historical Data & Status are both "Yes". I've assigned each poller to an interface on the router, and enabled it in the Web Console view. '


      If I add a "Universal Device Poller - Radial Gauge" to the page and click "Edit", the dropdown to choose the Universal Device Poller is blank. Thoughts?




      - Nick