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    Need basic questions answered about Orion functions in a scaled environment


      I have current versions of numerous SolarWinds applications (NPM, NCM, SAM, VNQM, UDT, WPM) installed on three polling engines. I have been combing through what I hope is the updated literature trying to determine the answers to the following questions:


      1. What happens to the APEs if the Primary poller fails? What functions, if any, will the APEs still be able to perform? (website is hosted on the Primary only)

      2. What happens with Basic and Advanced alerting while the Primary is down? (I have received diametrically opposed answers to this question when asking support engineers)


      One reason for asking these questions is that I have read the NPM Admin guide recently and it indicates that some ideas I have had about how Primary pollers and APEs function changed significantly with NPM v10.2. Am I correct?


      Thanks for any help with my confusion.