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    Rule Triggering for Actions


      Can someone explain the options for Rule Triggering when creating an action rule?  Was working to build a rule to close stale tickets, not updated by client in 2 weeks and the rule was closing tickets added as new.



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          I assume these would be resolved tickets?  We are going live next week (after months of dev) with WHD and this is how I plan to handle it:


          -When the ticket is resolved they will get a resolution email giving them the opportunity to confirm the resolution or disagree

          -If they confirm it the ticket is automatically closed

          -If they disagree with the resolution the ticket is automatically reopened

          -If they do not respond within a certain time frame (still tbd) the ticket closes automatically


          As far as a rule this is how I'd filter the tickets but not sure how you're also filtering by client update date.


          WHD Rule.jpg

          I'm sure theres a lot of other ways to do it but as a help desk manager I guess I'd want to know why they are stale in the first place.