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    Helpdesk Portal site in DMZ


      Anyone here allow outside access to your web Helpdesk? If so what's your set up?


      We would like a  server setup in DMZ then have that server forward requests to our web help desk internal server. Rather this than putting the web help desk server in the DMZ. Can anyone help me accomplish this?

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          We are aware of quite a few customers that do indeed put their WHD server in the DMZ, so that deployment is not uncommon. However, if you would like to configure a reverse proxy to forward requests to the internal server, MS TMG, Bluecoat, or any number of open source reverse proxies should work.

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              Thanks rob for answering, We actually got it working. After SW tech told me "

              I have been informed that we may not provide support for the setting up WHD in a DMZ environment, please consult a networks engineer."


              Here was our objective:




              We installed IIS and ARR on the DMZ server

              Forwarded HTTPS requests through to Internal Tomcat on port 80. HTTPS only through external. HTTP Internal


              So far everything seems to be how we wanted it.


              Looks like not all the functions are being passed through, EX. Unable to create a ticket from external

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                  Ok, found out storage manager also wanted  to use port 8009, so tomcat got pushed aside and couldnt listen for requests.

                  Storage manager was using: 9000 8009 8005 for its webservice.exe


                  Although I have a feeling I could have gotten Windows to work properly after finding the port conflict we decided to just run a linix front end apache server using AJP_Proxy.