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    Introduction & general question

    ruud westerhout

      Hi community,


      as my name stated, I am Ruud Westerhout, Head of IT at an IT department of a bigger automotive industry.

      I downloaded the DameWare Trial as I see our support-desk (Outsourcer) is using it for their level of support.

      We do the local support in our country and would like to understand if the product fits our needs.


      A quick try to set the software up in our corporate environment was without hassle. The software is installed locally, and with using the admin-credentials I have, I can install the client at any of our clients and have a look at, and steer their screen content.


      I am wondering if I can use the software to do the same on other systems and was not so successfull at first try.

      Maybe somebody can give me a hint as to if this is possible at all and where my next steps are to be done.


      How did I set up:

      Corporate network is using ONLY W-XP pro 32bit systems, hence the DW-MRC is installed at such a client, I am using it from there.

      The software proposes to use port 6127, not the 6129 which is in the documentation.

      A private network is set up at a fix IP location outside the corporate network.

      A PC with W-7 Ultimate 64bit within that network has a fixed local IP (192.168.0.xx). A LinkSys router is routing the port 6127 to that fixed IP within the network
      I posess full admin rights on the local PC and insert these while logging in (or trying to).


      1st, I was unable to "send" the client software as a service, correct ?

      2nd, I created a .msi to be installed and choose W-XP 64bit and higher for the .msi file

      I took the file for installation of the client locally on that PC and got error messages hinting that installation did not work successfully and that service cannot be guaranteed.

      The service itself seem unavailable (not active, not manual, nor disabled) in the W-7 system.


      My wish for the system would be to use it in two ways :

      -support of corporate clients, which seems to work without problems

      -support of internet connected clients privately, which does not work for the moment


      Can You guys tell me if the second is possible at all and if yes, how do You go about installing the client on such PC's, as obviously my way was incorrect.


      best regards,