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    Warning about using multiple tabs for editing anything in NPM


           I am not sure where to post this, i hope its ok to post here, but i really feel that i should warn other not to make same mistake which i did and how to recover from it, because i found no fix for it on internet.

      I was creating regular (not admin) user for NPM and while i was going through every details of it, I found something that I wanted to change on my admin account also (temperature units from F to C) so I opened my admin account in another window, edited and than saved both accounts. Outcome was horrible, my built in admin account lost admin privileges and i had NO  account with admin privileges on NPM server, not even one.

           I went to database manager, netperfmon database, queried Accounts and in admin account row changed property:"AllowAdmin" to "Y" from "N", you can see attached the screenshot.