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    UDP Tests ok in tool but returns nothing in webconsole


      Hi everybody,


      thanks for an awesome forum! I'v been following some of the discussions on the Universal Device Poller, because I've wanted to monitor the status of our VPN tunnels. We have quite a few ASA firewalls and I've gotten so far as to actually see the currently active peers for a particular node. And to begin with I could see the number active tunnels in a custom aggregate chart. So everything was fine untill, first the listing of the peers suddently changed (in the webconsole) to display what looked like IPv6 addresses. AND the active tunnel aggregate chart suddently dropped to 0.


      Has anyone ever experienced this? I'm about ready to move on to setting up some alerts, so I need to know a bit more about whats going on.


      What I've done so far is to, for the activetunnels poller, open the MIB browser to test the output. And it returns the number of active tunnels correctly. So I'm a bit confused as to why the gauge on the web console dropped to 0. I know positively that all tunnels are up and running, else I wouldnt have the time to write this


      And with the list of peers, I removed the poller from the chart, submitted and added it again. That seemed to work for now. Is this a known issue?


      Any insight much appreciated!