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    Min/Max/Average graph legond


      This is a simple question but I have not had any luck finding an answer.


      I have just upgraded NPM from 10.4.2 to 10.5.0  On the graphs, most noticeably on Min/Max/Average graphs for bps In/Out. You have blue (receive) green (transmit) and gray (95%). Now there are intermixed gold bars where the green or blue would be.


      Does anyone know what the significance of the gold coloring is?


      Thank you for your responses.

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          So this rectangle area is computed from several data points over the sample interval and displayed as one rectangle.
          We take in the initial value at the start of the interval, the closing value at the end of the interval, the high value during the interval and the low value during the interval.

          So let’s say on a given 5 minute interval Open 5/ Close 3 / Low 1 / High 12,

          Since if Open>Close=Blue if it had been the opposite (Open<Close) it would have been Yellow.

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              Thank you for the information.

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