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    Web page for public ticket status notification


      Does anyone know of a way to setup an external monitor or web page that shows the only basic status of a group of tickets and updates automatically.


      We want to have a place where our students can go to to check the status of there ipad repairs quickly without having to ask us every 30 mins. Ideally I would want the monitor/web page to only show tickets from a specific department and status

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          You can insert a Web Part from another system into your Orion Page; to show the tickets in Queue with a title and Status (If you can do that) ; then just add their username or Student ID to the title so they can see when this is completed.


          Also, If you have these nodes in the system and monitor them....A couple of things come to mind right off... but it is not exactly automated.


          Using Custom Properties you can make a report.  (All static information)

          Include Ticket #, or Student ID along with status.


          Second, if you are actually monitoring these then display a status of the node...possibly a current up time with a note about a 5 minute test period to ensure proper wireless connectivity. Then once it hits 5 minutes on the report with a status of UP, they know they can have it.

          So, ticket or Student ID would be static with the Node Status (iPAD) and connection time calculated and automated, sort of.


          If you track these as assets (iPADs are issued to students) create custom properties for name/student ID for your report and that info can stay...unless they give them back at the end of class.


          Really i hope this sparks another idea when you get the light bulb on how to manipulate and customize your systems to work together for the best benifit.