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    3rd Party Update - Not Applicable on an Applicable Computer


      Hey there,


      New to the forums, i'm also going to open a support ticket about this, but I just deployed the 2 latest Acrobat Updates, "Acrobat 11.0.04 Update" and "Reader 11.0.04 Update" Downloaded the content and then published, everything went fine there. The Reader update is working properly. However the Acrobat 11.0.04 Update does not seem to be working. Two computers that have Acrobat Standard 11.0.03 installed and have not picked up the update from WSUS via Patch Manager. Inside of Patch Manager the Acrobat 11.0.04 Update under Computers says "Not Applicable" on many computers, two of which most definitely have Acrobat Standard 11.0.03 on them. Any insight into this or a point in the right direction? I have the Windows update log as well.


      Thanks in advanced!

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          Lawrence Garvin



          The Adobe Acrobat update packages are prepared by and suppied by Adobe. Patch Manager merely provides the mechanisms by which those updates are obtained from Adobe. For issues regarding the detection of those updates, please inquire with Adobe directly, as they are exclusively responsible for the behavior of those update packages.

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              Thanks LGarvin,


              I ended up trying to manually install the Adobe 11.0.04 update and that failed too. I called Adobe up and they were of no help, they said that I needed enterprise support since I deployed it from an AIP and that there was an issue with my AIP. So I eneded up pushing out a GPO that uninstalled the current version and installed the 11.0.04, unfortunately I think I will have to push out Adobe Standard/Pro updates via GPO instead of Patch Manager which really is a PITA. I'd rather do it through Patch Manager, but as you stated, the issue is really with Adobe and not PM. Wish Adobe could get their act together. Thanks for replying to my question.