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    Reporting on Disks in Requested Bypassed State


      Hi All, I probably know the answer to this, but its worth a shot


      I'm running SM v5.3.3 with SMI-S 4.5


      In SM, I run a report to show any failed disks against out EMC Arrays (mix of Clariion & VNX)


      Report is created from new: Storage Array > Asset > Physical Disk Drives -  Default fields - Filter is: Operational Status not like 'OK'


      It shows up 'Removed' disks, but doesn't show any disks that been put into 'Requested Bypass' state.

      I've tried playing around with reports showing all disks and seeing what other states it might show but to no avail.


      I'm not sure if this has been addressed in 5.6.x with this fix: Incorrect reporting of disks and raw capacity across console for EMC devices. 

      Anyone running 5.6.x able to test when they next have a disk in bypassed state?


      I haven't had a chance to check out the new version & obviously hard to test against as you obviously need a disk in a Bypassed state...


      Balki: Any idea on how long before the Live Product Demo gets upgraded to 5.6.x?

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          Okies, looks like I've found the issue - running these 2 reports side by side:

          Storage Array EMC VNX/CLARiiON: Physical Disks - shows 90 drives (no vault / unbound disks)

          Storage Array: Physical Disk Drives - shows 101 drives (incl vault & unbound disks)


          The Storage Array: Physical Disk Drives - produces more useable information - is it possible to either modify the EMC report to include information?

          Is there a way we can create a custom report template combining info from both reports? (Maybe Feature request?)


          The Bus/Enclosure/Slot results - should be the format of Name in the Storage Array Report IMHO

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              Hi cdekort,


              Yeah, that looks like an oversight on the "Storage Array EMC VNX/CLARiiON: Physical Disks" report. I've pass on this item to Engineering to investigate correcting in a future release.


              In general, the Storage Array reports should not be used and are being deprecated in future releases. They are there for historical reasons that are no longer (never were?) valid and usually cannot be trusted as far as the data they report. We are looking at all these Storage Array reports and making sure that important data like this is moved to the Array specific reports.