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    Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 / Patch Manager - iTunes not being published





      We have been successfully using CM2012 and PM 1.8 to deploy 3rd party
      updates. We want now to test and deploy iTunes but so far we have not been able
      to get the CM 2012 to display the application as part of the All Software
      Updates like it does with everything else that we are publishing through PM.



      We have a dedicated PM server for which we have installed the CM console.
      The CM SUP/WSUS server runs on a different server. From the CM server we are
      able to publish the update to SUP/WSUS server, we have manually have check for
      the existence of the iTunesx64 package and everything seems to be in sync.



      Next from the CM console we have selected Site/SUP/Products and then enabled
      Apple/iTunes as a new product. We have also selected Local Publisher/Locally
      published packages.



      Finally from Software Library/Software Updates we are running a Synchronize
      Software updates. We monitor the wsyncmgr.log and the sync process happens,
      however the iTunes binaries don't seem to be synchronized and the log has no
      referenced about it.



      We have followed the same process with Chrome which is something else we are
      currently testing and everything worked fine.



      Anyone can help us out to troubleshoot the issue?




      Thank you.