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    Error: Search finished prematurely


        Aside from what the words say, what does this mean with regard to problems with the LEM?  I got this for the first time today.

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          I had to contact Tech Support to get the issue resolved. They had to make a change in the configuration file that I did not have access to.

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            nicole pauls

            So, there's two ways this happens:

            1. Randomly - different searches at different times cause the error to occur, and all searches after you get the error fail. In this situation, restarting the manager (SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: Search Ended Prematurely) should resolve the problem. It may still reoccur, on different searches, again randomly, and again restarting will resolve. There is a potential less temporary fix than the restart which is to apply the configuration change referenced above, which we are testing for permanent global deployment in the short term (a la a hotfix).


            2. Conclusively - same search same timeframe every time causes the error to occur, but only for that search (not all searches). In this case, there may be an issue with an index or data that your search is hitting.

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              @wldcu - did the configuration change resolve the issue reported with nDepth search and have you had another occurrence of the issue since the change has been applied?



              @nicole pauls - I also have experienced this issue, on my own system and at other sites on a fresh deployment of the appliance that morning. In both instances, restart of the manager provided a workaround to the issue, but not a resolution. Note that my experience of this issue is limited to LEM 5.6.0 only.