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    Groups, alerts, etc..


      so, i am starting to work on building the alert rules, and I noticed a major drawback - for us, anyway.


      I can only email folks defined in the group.


      So - I have a group of techs on call.  The alerts are setup to notify them, but if they do not respond in an hour, i want to notify thier supervisor  - who is NOT on call (and never will be) - but I cant - unless I add him to the group.   It seems to me there should be an option to email ANYONE reguardless of what group they are in - as long as they are a (validated) user on the system.


      as a work around, yes, i could add the manager to the group, but then I would have the same person in 4 different groups.   Not ideal.

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          We handle this by not actually emailing any INDIVIDUAL in the group, but by setting up distribution lists and adding the members to this list in AD.


          For example, our first line group is:


          1st line support team

          1st line support team reminder

          Alert Esc. 1

          Alert Esc. 2


          We notify 1st line support team first, then after 10 minutes 1st line support team reminder (the same people, with a team lead added), then Alert Esc 1 (Service desk managers) and finally, if all that fails, Alert Esc 2.


          Some of the individuals who get these messgaes (mainly at escalation) dont even have an AC login...

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              that doesnt really help.


              the problem isnt who gets the inital or 2nd notice - its sending the email to someone that isnt IN the distribution list to begin with.  I see you get around this by having more groups in AD - not really an option here.


              For example - our on-call group is:


              conssting of  John, Mike, Bill,  and George


              In Orion, I email the wanmanagers@someemail.com group.  If the alert hasnt been acknowledged in 15, I send a reminder, and so on, for an hour. If an hour has passed and no acknowledgement, I email thier boss, who is NOT in the distribution list..


              see where i am headed?  If I dont add the boss in the group in Alert central, I cannot escilate to him.


              I suppose this needs to be a feature request - allow me to email ANYONE or any address - do not limit me to the current group im working from.