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    Firefox custom package configuration


      I am trying to modify the Firefox upgrade package so that it will install to a custom location on my servers.

      The Firefox command switch for this is    [firefox.exe] /ini=[file path]\configuration.ini


      I have the configuration.ini file created, and the command switch works when installing locally.

      I have modified the Firefox package to use this command switch but when pushing the package with PM the install times out and fails.

      I suspect this is because the install process cannot locate the configuration.ini file. I have tried putting the configuration.ini in the designated file path location on my PM server, on WSUS server and on the target server with no success.

      Where should this configuration file go to make the install work?

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          Andrew M

          If the file is imported into the package, you will need to use packageboot and specify the path as

          [firefox.exe] /ini=%MODULEPATH%\configuration.ini


          In my experience, packageboot doesn't evaluate this environment variable when used in the command line of the main package, so you may need to add this install as a pre- or post-install package, just to get the parameter to evaluate. Unfortunately, a network share location won't work because the installer runs under the system account without network access.

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            Lawrence Garvin

            Where should this configuration file go to make the install work?

            The configuration.ini file needs to be included with the package using the "Additional Files" feature in the Package Wizard.


            Then, using the guidance from Andrew, enable PackageBoot and specify the parameter using the %MODULEPATH% variable, which will tell the installer to look in the current directory for the configuration.ini file. PackageBoot should evaluate that variable anyplace it is used. Functionally, the "Run A Program" task used in the <execution> phase of PackageBoot is exactly the same as those usd in <preinstallation> or <postinstallation>.


            No other before/after steps should be required.


            If that doesn't work, another variation that should work is to run a PreInstallation task to COPY (or MOVE) the configuration.ini from %MODULEPATH%\configuration.ini to a fixed location (e.g. %TEMP%) and then hard-code that reference in the installer command line parameters, e.g. /ini=%TEMP%\configuration.ini

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