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    APC UPS runtime problem


      I created a poller for our APC SmartUPS which returns the remaining battery runtime -  upsAdvBatteryRuntimeRemaining  OID  - and tested it on our devices from within the UNDP module and it returns the correct figures.

      I then created a Transform from this data to convert it to minutes -  {upsAdvBatteryRuntimeRemaining}/6000  - and again tested it successfully on all devices.


      However, on the customised node details page that I've created for these devices, the UNDP Node Guage will not display the info and returns  "No pollers assigned or no statistic results. Click edit button to change universal device poller assignment!" despite the poller/transform being assigned to those nodes. If I associate ANY of the other assigned pollers to that gauge it displays the returned figure correctly - it is only the Runtime Remaining poller and associated transform which refuses to display, despite the poller tests for both returning the correct data.


      I have done the same with our Liebert/Emerson UPS units (although no transform is needed) and it works perfectly.


      Has anyone experienced this problem with the APC units or have any ideas on how to solve it? We are running NPM 10.4.


      Thanks in advance.