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    DameWare MRC v6.1 does no longer work on client computers


      Good Morning,

      I have been using DameWare MRC for quite some years now and all of a sudden I get the following error:


      Winsock Connect Error:

      System Error 10060

      System Message:

      A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.


      I believe there were settings changed in the group policy that does not allow a client to respond to the remote calls because it stopped working from 1 day to the next.

      Still the same OS Windows 7.

      I do not have any problems at all to install/uninstall the service via network on the client computers thru the MRC.

      Using it on my servers it works perfectly.

      Since my domain administrators are glueless what change they could have done with the group policy to prevent the clients from responding and I do not know either I would like to find out thru this route if anyone is outthere that would have idea which setting needs to be switched on the client computers.


      Thank you for your time and possible assistance.




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          Lawrence Garvin

          To be sure.... v6.1 is really old. Version 6.2 was released in May, 2007.


          Support for Windows 7 (released October 2009) was not added until version 6.9 (April 2010), so any functionality you have had with Windows 7 was purely luck.


          As such, there is a vast unknown of possibilities of things that could be configured on a Windows7 system that might adversely interact with an unsupported instance of DW v6.1. If you were using RDP-based connections, then I'd look strongly at changes Microsoft has made in the Remote Desktop Protocol since May 2007, but most likely ones recently implemented. In any event, though, a functional change-documentation record would be your best friend at this point. If the Domain Admins are clueless as to what changed in group policy, you may actually have bigger problems than DameWare. :-)


          As for the Winsock Error 10060, you might start with this article in the DameWare Knowledge Base.

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              Thank you LGarvin.

              I was afraid that I do need a newer version of the MRC.

              Issue on it is I mostlikely need to ask for a older version again since the Military is pretty strickt on the software usage. I am allowed to use only versions that are listed on their approval list and those are usually older versions (I believe right now it's MRC 7.x).

              Regarding the article link - been there and checked it out before I posted this message

              Thank you again for your reply.