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    NPM and SCOM Alerts




      1. SCOM Alerts – Some alerts show up in SCOM with the Alert Source displayed as the node generating the alert, and some alerts show the source as the NPM server.  Sometimes an alert shows up 2 times with both the node and the NPM server as the alert source.  What causes this?  How do we get it to only show the node name as the alert source in SCOM?
      2. SNMP Trap Alerts – How do we get an alert generated from an SNMP trap that is received by NPM to show in SCOM?
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          to answer your questions.

          1. Alerts that have node/interface as their source are alerts that are generated directly in SCOM based on predefined rules. On the other hand alerts that have as a source NPM server are imported from NPM. This means that if you create a new alert rule in NPM, alerts triggered by this rule should be imported to SCOM. Unfortunately for the imported alerts there is currently no way how to get them to show correct node/interface as alert source. We are already tracking a feature request in our internal tracking system for this functionality.
          2. SNMP Trap alerts are processed differently from NPM alerts. Currently SolarWinds SCOM MP doesn't support import of these alerts into SCOM from NPM.