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    IPAM 4.1 - first beta available


      IPAM coming with another preview of what we are working on. We understand that management IP Addresses is not a simple task when you use DHCP and DNS servers.

      This beta is mainly for all folks who were looking for:


      1) View the list of your DHCP options on your scopes on Microsoft servers (all options defined in RFC2132)

      2) Better reporting - if you running NPM 10.6 RC or SAM 6.0 RC


      We would like to hear from you, if this beta is able to poll for your DHCP options on MS servers correctly and if the UI is easy to use and understand. Management of DHCP options is in progress.


      How the new DHCP options UI it looks like?

      DHCP options.png



      If you running on latest NPM & SAM RCs, you may be already familiar with new alerting. With this IPAM beta, you may try to define your IPAM report on web and with charts. Didn't find you report? Or can't build your one? Tell us and we will try to put it into the IPAM release.


      Known issues:

      DHCP options 39, 58, 59 are not displaying data correctly for windows. FB267378


      If you interested to try out new stuff, simply subscribe here: IPAM 4.1 Beta Survey and share your feedback on our Beta Forum.