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    Potential Bug - LEM 5.6.0 User Defined Group Creation with multiple appliances connected


      Using LEM Desktop Console managing two appliances (one 5.6.0 full, one 5.6.0 trial), attempt to create a user defined group and assign to the second appliance in the group. When saving, the selected appliance is reverted to the first appliance in the drop down menu.


      Disconnect from the first appliance in the list and repeat creating a user defined group and the appliance remains unchanged (as only one appliance to select in drop down list).


      Reconnect and the potential bug is repeatable.





      1) This might be a limitation of using a LEM 5.6.0 trial appliance through the desktop console.

      2) If this potential bug is repeatable using two licensed LEM 5.6.0 appliances managed by a single desktop console.