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    Mobile Admin vs Dameware Remote Support


      eHi All, my company has bought into the Mobile Admin product, but I have recently seen the Dameware Remote Support app, which seems very similar in a way.  Can someone tell me what the main differences are to the apps and how they are used?

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          The DameWare app is not DameWare Remote Support in Mobile, but rather DameWare Mini Remote Control in a Mobile form factor. Basically, DameWare mRC is comparable to the RDP functionality of Mobile Admin, with the benefit of being able to do side-by-side control with the user you are supporting vs. RDP which locks out other active users of the system.


          Two points of possible confusion:

          1. There is a good deal of overlap in DameWare Remote Support vs. Mobile Admin; however, there is no mobile version of DameWare Remote Support at this time.
          2. DameWare Mobile mRC is only included with a license for DameWare Remote Support.


          Hope that clarifies!