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    SERV-U - Move home directory


      Wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of how to move the home directory in SERV-U. The current array it resides on is running out of space and ideally I would like to move the entire thing to a new array which has just been installed. It really is a case of moving from the d: drive to the f: drive but can't seem to find out how to move all the existing details.


      Thanks in advance

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          jonathan at solarwinds

          Is the home directory configured into each end user?  If so (and you are not using DB or AD users), you might want to approach things like this:


          1) Make a really good backup.  The Serv-U Backup KB is a good place to start.

          2) Pick out a couple of test users to work with.  Test them out before you change anything. 

          3) Take the server offline.  (Don't stop the service, but shut off access from outside the box.) 

          4) Perform a User Export from your users tab.  This will yield a CSV file.

          5) Open the CSV file.  Find/replace D: with F:(and make other path adjustment as necessary, e.g., "D:\home" -> "F:\users" or whatever)

          6) Copy everything from D: to F:

          7) Perform a User Import from your users tab using your modified CSV file.

          8) Restart the server.  Test your users.  Upload some fresh content and make sure it goes to F:.