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    How alerts are triggered in Alert Central




      I'm new to AC and want to make sure I understand how it works.


      Scenario1: I have a server node that went down at 9:00 am. Alert Central sends an email to the On-call person as soon at it receives the down alert from source (Orion). If the On-call person acknowledge the alert at 9:05 am, the email alert will stop even though the node is still down? If this is the case, when will AC know to send another email notification to the On-call person, assuming the node was still down throughout the day and never came back online?


      Scenario2: I have a server node that went down at 9:00 am. Does the email alert work like Orion alert where it send an email as soon as the node goes down and stops the email when it goes back online? This is assuming the On-call person did not do anything on the email alert received from AC.


      Scenario3: When I receive the email alert from AC, the subject line always starts with "[AC-Activity]......." or "[AC-Notify]......" or "[AC-Assign]....". Is this by design and I cannot customize the subject line? The issue is when you get the email alert and you use your smartphone to view the alert, the Subject Line has limited space. If we can customize the Subject Line and put maybe the nodename and status first before the other pre-defined words from AC, this will help on sorting the alerts when viewed from your phone. Right now, because you don't see the whole alert, you will have to open the email to view exactly what is the alert for.


      Thank you for your help in advance.w

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          1)  Alert Central will stop the notification workflow once an alert has been acknowledged, assigned, or closed by a user or the group escalation policy.  It is possible for a user to acknowledge and close an alert, even if the problem has not actually been resolved.  Alert Central does not track changes to external systems.


          2) Alert Central is different than Orion.  Orion alerts will be triggered, and then go inactive when the problem goes away.  Alert Central alerts go through a automatic notification workflow until there is user intervention or the group escalation policy finishes.  Once the automatic workflow finishes, the alert will remain in whatever state it is in until there is user intervention.


          3) The ability to configure more of the email notification templates including the subject line would be a great feature request!