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    Solarwinds IPAM (IP address manager)




               Can someone there provide me any inputs if this Solarwinds IPAM (IP address manager) is still need for NOC type of work. As what I've seen this toll is more on IP address/DNS-DHCP/Subnet monitoring and I didn't see any work related using this tool. This is more on network administrator tool as far as I concern, please enlighten me on this because my boss asking me if we still need to use this.

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          The answer is..."It depends on what you want to do with it."


          This tool is:

          1. useful for consolidating all your IP spreadsheets into 1 place.
          2. useful for scanning your network periodically to maintain an accurate list.
          3. useful for telling you when a DHCP scope is almost full.


          This tool can:

          1. centrally manage all your DNS and DHCP servers.
          2. manage split scopes (DHCP scopes split between 2 different servers for redundancy).
          3. provide you with IP conflict alerts.


          So, it all depends on what you are trying to use it for.  And in my opinion, if you are asking us if you need it, then you aren't really using it to its fullest potential, or your company is so small that a spreadsheet might be good enough.  I recommend reviewing the documentation on the product to see all the cool stuff it can do, and figure out it you can use it more.


          And here are some really great posting from other people, this will provide you with tons of opinions about the product and help you make an educated decision.  It would be sad if you stopped using it, and then a few months later determined you really do need it.