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    Firefox Main vs ESR Channel Updates


      Hey All,


      I've noticed that approving a Firefox "upgrade" update that is part of Mozilla's primary/main channel (currently, v23.0.1) will upgrade all computers running Firefox to that version, even if the computer is running Firefox's ESR product (currently at v17.0.8). We currently have users on both the main and ESR channels and would like to be able to push one channel update without affecting those on the other channel and vice versa. Is this possible?


      Thank you in advance!


      - Chase

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          David Di Blasio

          There's actually a couple of ways you can handle this scenario.


          1. Create 2 subgroups from the main group these machines are in, and place the machines in these groups based on which version of Firefox release channel you would like to maintain. From here you'll just approve the version against the group accordingly.


          2. Set both versions of Firefox to not approved for the computer group these machines are in, and leverage update management to push the updates to these machines.