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    UNDP on CUCM dsx1 tables not displaying




      I've been trying to setup a few custom pollers that will show current and interval ds1 controller stats on an interface view. I'm looking mainly at oid's in the and tables. Ideally the info would be the same as what's shown when an operator runs a "show controller t1" command on a cli.


      The oid tests correctly, but I can't seem to get the data to display (ref attached snips)...anyone else doing something similar? 




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          1. Change the polling type of the UnDP to Interfaces in the Advanced options of the UnDP edit dialog (first screen)

          2. Assign the UnDP to interfaces you want

          3. Select the Chart resource in the Web display dialog of the UnDP application (second screen)

          4. Wait until the data are polled and check the Interface details view of the interface which has this UnDP assigned and at the bottom you should see the chart




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              Thanks for the reply. I have it setup in the manner noted (probably should have included those pics as well on first post).

              I've modified the data value types a few times, but that doesn't seem to matter. 





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                  1. Use test button in the Assign dialog step because that one reflects your actual UnDP configuration.
                  2. Try to adjust the polling interval (for example 1 minute) or Do 'Poll Now' on the particular interface.
                  3. If the UnDP configuration is correct and there's no problem with polling the device you should see some data in the database:


                  Let me know the result of this query:

                  SELECT * FROM CustomPollerStatistics s
                  JOIN CustomPollerAssignment a ON s.CustomPollerAssignmentID = a.CustomPollerAssignmentID
                  JOIN CustomPollers c ON a.CustomPollerID = c.CustomPollerID
                  WHERE UniqueName = 'dx1CurrentESs'
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                This issue was resolved by setting the time frame to Second with a value type of Rate. I think it's a bit odd since the value is a count as opposed to time, but whatever gets you there.


                This will hopefully be an option for our operations folks. Besides providing a mechanism to alert on, it should provide a way view ds1 status w/o having to telnet into the gateway and run cli commands. I'll post a picture if it shakes out like I'd like it to.