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    Alert Central + Office 365 = Headdesk....


      In our environment we have Office 365 for all email communications with no on-site exchange server.  We have been standing up our SW application and would like to use the alert scheduling tools and centralization in Alert Central. 

      However, I have been unable to get a connection to Office 365 to work.

      I have the settings correct, lets face it there are not a lot of buttons, and authentication is hit or miss with misses being more prevalent than hits.  I have started the test process without altering any settings and get mixed results on all steps and never once making through with a valid test.

      I also noticed that when specify a non-standard SMTP outbound port to use TLS on, to accommodate fun with M$, it reverts to 465.  Any and all thoughts would be appreciated. 


      It is my firm belief that doing the same thing over and over should yield the same results...