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    How to set on LEMwhen the network loop happen

    Tira Li

      Hi All,


          In recently, network loop often has been happened due to mistaken operation by some users in office. So we has been recommended the LEM to collect devices' syslog and prevent from it again. And I found that  the LEM has successfully collected syslog on Monitor GUI in real time , however I couldn't found these devices' name on Nodes GUI, that's so weird.

           In addition, how to set some setting to inform admin user to know which device has been broadcasted loop or so on due to not similar with LEM and syslog ? Could you give any tips or ways ?

           I will sincerely appreciate your help, thx in advance

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          nicole pauls

          The nodes that appear in Manage > Nodes are the same that appear in the "DetectionIP" field of the data. If you look up a node in the node details dashboard in Ops Center, it does try to search on that IP address to provide more details and historical data.


          Do the events in LEM have the information you're looking for in them? Or, does the syslog data have this information but LEM doesn't? It might help to see an example of the syslog event and the LEM event you're looking at to see the difference.