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    Transient state changing query

    Velmurugan P

      Here i am taking the example of Datacenter , not my end-user workstations which will be going offline & coming online frequently.

      So for the end-user stations , when the device goes offline, Orion will chnage the IP back to transient & after the transient period , it will change it to available.

      So My query is,

      Does this same above valid for my datacenter servers also? because this devices are not flapping its status liek end-user laptops . So when my server in DC goes down, did orion directly puts the status back to available or it still follows the same rule Used--> Transient-->Available.


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          it follows the same rule -> Transient -> Available.

          This is beneficial for things like maintenance windows or if a server crashes and has to be rebuilt, but you plan on using the same IP/name.

          One Use Case:

          Some of our applications have multiple boxes doing the same functionality.  Thus one could be taken off-line for a week or more and come back online.  I have my transient time set for 30 days.

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              Velmurugan P

              Thanks for yoru reply.

              In my case,  the servers are going to be removed totally . So we have to get back the IP Address into the available pool . Our transient period value is default . becuase we have all our hosts are static IP's.

              So just wanted to know that this transient state behaviour is normal for all the devices or not.

              Thanks for your confirmation on this.