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    Discovery Best Practices


      I am currently leading an initiative to enhance network monitoring with Orion. One of the issues we face today is lack of Product Management for Orion. I am working to minimize the effort required by the networking team to manage Orion when adding/remove/modifying sites and devices globally. Orion is currently not set up to perform discoveries. Instead, people manually add the devices. In an effort circumvent the requirement of someone constantly adding devices, I would like to schedule discoveries. I am having trouble in deciding on the best route to take. We have quite a few devices, and sitting in a class A network with hundreds of sites.


      I am trying to meet the following criteria:

      Perform recurring discoveries to ensure all devices are managed. I would like to perform this discovery daily if possible.

      Perform global discoveries to detect any “rogue” devices responding to SNMP on the network. I would like to perform this discovery once a month. However, it doesn't seem very efficient to scan 16 million ip addresses per month.


      Can you help me out?